The main types of flour produced in Ukraine are wheat and rye flour. The flour production process includes the preparation of milling blends, preparation of grain for milling and milling grain into flour. When preparing raw materials for milling, it is cleaned of impurities, then partially peeled and hydrothermally treated. Milling can be both plain and grade.

Top-grade flour is made from soft vitreous and semi-vitreous cultivars of wheat. Wheat with a predominance of vitreous grains is characterized by a relatively high content of protein, gluten and good baking qualities. Such flour is used in the production of confectionery and bakery products.

The first grade flour is obtained from soft and different by the vitriosity cultivars of wheat. A small amount of grain hulls is allowed. It is used in cookery for making noodles, pies, pancakes, griddle cakes, as well as baking a variety of breadstuff and bun goods..