Flour production is one of the oldest occupations of mankind. Thanks to it, bread appeared – a sacred ritual food and the main dish of any meal. The processing of cereal grains into flour was a discovery that changed history – having mastered the production of flour, our ancestors left a nomadic way of life and began to live sedentary. From grains bruisers of the Stone Age to modern flour mills, the centuries-old way of flour production has played a progressive role in the history of the technology development.

The main activity of our company is the sale of wheat and rye flour and grain waste in Ukraine and for export. We cooperate with all participants in the technological chain of grain processing – from agricultural producers to flour mills. Our company has long-term contracts for the supply and selection of quality raw materials, delivery to modern workshops and shipment of finished products. This allows us to provide inherently high quality and the required volumes of flour and grain waste production within the time limits specified by the customer.

All products sold by our company are certified and meet state standards. We also have the opportunity to print the information you need on the package